Find relief from persistent Back ache through Yoga

Therapeutic relaxation through gentle exercises is the primary focus of yoga. The practitioners of yoga are of the opinion that by focusing the mind, one can be aware of their body and emotions, thereby having the potential to reduce the stress and muscle tension that contribute to back ache. The Pranayama and breathing exercises help in relaxing the upper back muscles.

While practicing yoga, there are a series of things happening in the body, like for instance, the muscles get relaxed, the blood pressure is lowered, immunity is increased, stress gets decreased and healing of specific body parts takes place. Yoga deals with back-ache problems by relieving the symptoms, causes and preventing its future occurrence.

Recent research has indicated that Viniyoga, just like other forms of yoga, helps in relieving back ache. Studies conducted on individuals with back ache who practiced yoga revealed that Yoga actually helped individuals with back ache to get more aware of their postures and habitual movements which actually could have contributed to the back ache.

The postures that specifically help in relieving back ache are The Corpse Posture, The Spinal Twist, The Cobra or Cat stretch, Cow pose, Locust Pose, Lotus pose, Fish pose, Palm Tree Pose, Forward Bend, Wind releasing pose, Child pose etc.

All these postures can be used both as a relief and prevention for back ache.

However, all these postures should be done only under expert guidance. Individuals with persistent and chronic back ache should consult a physician before going in for yoga practices. But for individuals with non-specific back ache, therapeutic yoga may be worth trying.

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