Flower Therapy is the latest trend for skin ailments

Flowers have been long used to enhance beauty and to keep mind and body healthy. In India, the Indian Rose has been used by ancient Queens to make their skin soft, supple and fair, while in China, women drink Chysanthemum soup to detox their digestive system and avoid bacterial infections.

Flower Therapy is seen as a hot new trend, much-welcomed by people who wish to de-stress themselves, and for those who crave for a rose tinted, flawless complexion.

According to experts, the flowers that do not have any side effects, but are packed with goodness of nature, have grown to be an instant hit among customers.

According to Hitender Chandra, an Aromatherapist in India, various flowers are used for different therapeutic purposes. For instance, lavender is an excellent antiseptic and has magical properties. It heals allergies, pigmentation, acne, excess oil secretion, and open pores, and hence tops the list.

Next in line are the Marigold and Sunflower that penetrate the skin and imparts wonderful glow.

Jasmine comes as a blessing for hypersensitive skin. More than anything, it is the visual impact of flowers and their fragrance that has high healing effect on our senses. It de-stresses mind and enhances skin tone.

Even a mere visit to a florist shop, or looking at arrangement of flowers, has a deep impact on one’s state of mind, and in general renders a happy and positive feeling. The fragrance of flowers rejuvenates the senses and peps up our moods, say therapists.

However, in a therapy room, it wouldn’t be sufficient if there are just few flowers or bouquets lying around. Rather, a complete environment with flowers is required, which renders a peaceful feeling, and this makes a lot of impact.

However, the goodness of flower becomes double when mixed with other herbal products, as is usually done in Flower Therapy. The flower pastes and tea barks are mixed with fruit pulp and other ayurvedic ingredients, such as cream and aloe vera gel, along with floral paste, which enhances their healing properties.

For the beauty-conscious in India, particularly in the ‘Pink City’ (Jaipur), Flower Therapy is proving to be a much sought-after treatment for skin ailments. Several clinics and parlours here are offering these therapies. Irrespective of the kind of problems, be it acne or dark circles under the eye, Flower Therapy seems to be the perfect quick-fix treatment.


  1. Great information, thank you! I use Bach Flower Remedies most of the time and they are very useful and also very gentle especially for babies.
    Grab apple is used as a cleansing remedy that help mental and physical discomforts for skin problems. Impatiens is also great for irritability and intolerance to itchy skin.

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