Foods that keep your immune system ticking

Ensure that you and your family members do not fall sick again, the next time, with the change in weather. Including these basic foods in your daily diet will help boost body immunity.

Loading your grocery cart with nature’s supplements such as green leafy veggies, cherries, tomatoes, carrots, guavas, citrus fruits and Amla will go a long way in keeping you robust and healthy, as these contain Vitamins A (beta-carotene), C and E. These are excellent anti-oxidants that inactivate harmful free radicals, while maintaining natural immunity of the body.

Tea is packed with anti-oxidants that help in fighting harmful bacteria. Tea, particularly, green tea and black tea contains ˜Theanine, an important anti-oxidant that enhances immune function by producing substances that help immune cells in the body and destroy microbes. They also help in producing various protective enzymes.

Lemons are excellent in restoring body pH, by maintaining the internal ˜climate levels of the body at a pH that supports healthy bacteria. Although they are acidic, the end product obtained by the body through consumption of lemons is alkaline.

Deficiency of Zinc could suppress the function of immune system and shut down the immune system completely. Hence optimum Zinc levels in the body are a must, as it helps in producing antibodies faster and stronger. Good sources of Zinc include beans, yogurt, milk, fortified cereals and poultry.

Allow the Probiotics to do the healing. Probiotics are good bacteria found in yogurt and such other cultured dairy products. Probiotics helps increase the secretion of immunoglobin, the disease fighting enzyme found in intestine, and hence help fight infections better. Hence include yogurt and other fermented foods as a part of your diet.

Try to perk up your meal by adding immunity-boosting herbs, as these apart from making your meal tastier, also helps in kicking out infections. Hence, herbs such as garlic, turmeric, fennel, and sage are a popular choice to be added to meals, as the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in these help in dealing with a range of illness.

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