Foods that protect your skin naturally in summer

Come summer, the harmful UV rays of the sun, takes its toll on our skin. In particular, the face and back of the hands, which are the most exposed parts of the skin, get more weathered than the other protected areas. Obviously, sunlight is a major factor that leads to skin damage.

However, the skin has the ability to protect itself through melanin-producing cells called ˜melanocytes that darken the skins outer layer. The natural capacity of the skin to protect itself could be increased by consuming nutritious food, in addition to using skin-care products.

Lemon: Cut a lemon into half, and rub it onto the skin. This provides the skin with vitamin C required for protection, as otherwise, exposure to UV rays, destroys vitamin C present in the skin. It also prevents wrinkles, premature aging and helps re-hydrate the skin.

Nuts and Seeds:  Zinc is required for production of healthy cells on the skin. Seeds and nuts are excellent sources of zinc. Eating a couple of these every day, helps skin health, and also prevents acne due to zinc deficiency found most among teenagers.

Primrose oil:  An essential fatty acid GLA, produced by the body, keeps the skin smooth and supple. With age, the production of GLA decreases, and hence the skin tends to get dry. Regular use of evening primrose oil helps tackle this problem.

Carrot / beetroot juice: Vegetable juices are highly rich in antioxidants. It is essential for all to drink atleast one glass of vegetable juice everyday. Beetroot juice helps in getting rid of toxins present in the liver, because a healthy liver is crucial for healthy skin. Also just two carrots a day help fight the harmful effects of sun-rays. Also plant-foods provide plenty of other antioxidants such as mineral selenium, vitamic E and vitamin C. These antioxidants combine with other natural compounds to fight the free radicals formed due to exposure to sun-rays.

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