Forms of Yoga

Yoga has a variety of forms, with a few focusing on breathing exercise while the others focus on postures and few others on spirituality. A few popular forms of yoga and a brief description are mentioned below:

Hatha Yoga The term Hatha Yoga refers to practice of asanas or postures. The syllable ha refers toprana orvital force that governs the body and tha refers to the mental force and hence hatha yoga is considered as a catalyst that awakens both the energies that governs one’s life. Hatha yoga is also known as The yoga of vitality.

Bhakti Yoga Bhakti Yoga is considered as a yoga of complete devotion. A person following Bhakti Yoga should have complete faith in God and a strong emotional bonding with God. Complete devotion to the object of faith, vanishes ego, prevents distractions and induces strong bond of love, and at this stage, the practitioner reaches a state of self-realization where a feeling of unity with God is attained. Bhakti Yoga is also considered as Yoga of love.

Karma Yoga Karma Yoga emphasizes about devotion to work. Karma Yoga aims at doing one’s work in heart whole heartedly without looking forward to the benefits or results, in short it aims at being free of any sort of attachments or binding towards the results. Karma Yoga is also called Yoga of action.

Jnana Yoga Jnana refers to knowledge but in the perspective of yoga, it is referred to as a spiritual awareness that leads to enlightened wisdom. Jnana yoga involves conversion of academic knowledge to practical wisdom. Jnana Yoga is also known as Yoga of knowledge.

Raja Yoga Raja Yoga is a collection of eight steps of yoga, that deals with improvement of human personality and behavior by various practices.  It is also referred to as the highest form of yoga.

Mantra Yoga Mantra Yoga originates from the Vedic sciences and all the vedic verses are known as mantra. The aim Mantra Yoga is to attain ultimate salvation by chanting of Mantras.

Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga deals with arousing the psychic centers (Chakras) present in each individual. The method used for awakening involves deep concentration on these psychic centers and compelling their arousal.

Integral Yoga Integral Yoga aims at making an individual capable of handling the uncertainties of life in a calm manner and improves way of life. Integral yoga is also considered as the only form of yoga that effectively harmonizes the body and mind connection. It is also known as Purna yoga.

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  1. Is it possible that you could tell me a few good yoga asanas for strengening, or revitalizing internal glands? Specifically the ADRENALS, THYROID, GALLBLADDER/LIVER. Or do you know of another website, or how I could surf the web for that information?

    Thank you

    Kathy Everett
    Maryland, USA

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