Forskolin (herbal extract) – a possible remedy for bladder infection

A herbal extract which has been sold in health food stores, as a remedy for allergies, breathing problems and fat-loss, may probably help in treating bladder infections too, when taken with antibiotics, suggests researchers.

While ninety percent of bladder infections are caused by E. coli bacteria, they affect four times more in women, than in men, and are often recurrent.

Researchers at the Duke University have reported that certain bacteria has the ability to hide in the tiny pouches in the bladder lining, which keeps stretching when full.  These bacteria may escape the antibiotics which are used in treating infection.

The herbal extract ˜forskolin will induce the pouches to throw out the bacteria, allowing the antibiotics to kill them, reveals the leading microbiologist and researcher, Soman Abraham. Forskolin, is a herbal extract, which is derived from the Indian Colieus plant.
 In their experiment with the mice, the researchers injected forskolin into the mice. From the results, they concluded that forskolin, could be clubbed with antibiotics, to eradicate urinary tract infections.

However, Abraham pointed out that this result does not, however, mean that people should attempt to treat themselves for bladder infections. All Urinary tract infections should be treated with antibiotics, as they could spread easily to the kidneys. Hence people with bladder infections should consult their doctor. However, it is a fact, that forskolin is being used by certain people and it is safe, while also being beneficial in treating the infection.