G-Therapy to treat neuro-developmental problems

Dr.Gunvant Oswal, a practitioner in Ayurveda and Allopathy from Pune, has initiated a treatment methodology, G-Therapy, that has proven effective in treating neuro-developmental disabilities like Down’s Syndrome, mental retardation, autism and cerebral palsy.

G-Therapy, having been developed through more than twenty five years of research in Homeopathy and Ayurveda, has been administered for 10,000 cases, with more than 70 percent success rate.

Dr.Oswal explains that a unique combination of herbal extracts in their potentized form and bio-chemical tissue salts are prescribed together, or as individual components. This medication when consumed stimulates the neurotransmitters and works as a factor for growth of nerves. The quality of improvement, however, is based on the amount of damage to the brain, and the response of the patient.

The Consultant Psychologist and Counselor of Apollo Group in Pune, Niloufer Ebrahim, reveals that patients who were subjected to G-Therapy treatment showed development in speech, better alertness, reduced aggression, improvement in functioning and better eye contact, and greater ability of learning and expression.

Dr. Mughdha of BSES MG Hospital in Mumbai, India mentions that G-Therapy offers a fresh ray of hope even to those whose cases have gone out of hand, because each day their situation is much better and within months the patients show remarkable progress. G-Therapy could help a child with Cerebral Palsy to achieve a milestone, or an austic to accept the hug of parents.