Garlic – The natural healer

Garlic, which belongs to the Alium (onion) family, is also one of the oldest herbs, ever known to man. It is considered a miracle herb, or a “cure-all herb.

A recent study published in the Journal of National Cancer Institure reveals that men who consumed more than ten grams of garlic a day, were fifty percent less prone to prostate cancer than those who did not. This is due to the organosulphur compounds present in garlic.

Allicin, an anti-oxidant helps prevent pulmonary hypertension (constriction of blood vessels in the lungs), according to another study carried out at Alabama University, Birmingham, US.

Garlic is basically a warming herb. It has been used in treatment of flu, cold, acne and even to get rid of head lice!! Researchers in Argentian found that application of garlic helped kill more than 96 percent of lice in fifteen minutes.

Ayurveda considers garlic to be a powerful detoxifying and rejuvenating agent.