Germinated brown rice found to have medicinal value for diabetics

brown-rice-diabetic.jpgRecent research has revealed that eating germinated brown rice helps provide medicinal benefits to diabetics.

The online edition of the Journal of Lipid Research mentioned that study indicates that a compound present in rice seed grow, acts when brown rice is placed in water overnight before cooking, thereby considerably reducing nerve and vascular damage which is often found among diabetics.

Experts reveal that the growth factor ASG (acylated steryl gulcosides) work by regulating blood sugar and enzymes that are irregular in diabetes.

Dr. Robert K. Yu, Director, Institute of Molecular Medicine and Genetics and Institute of Neuroscience at Medical College of Georgia, says that the best part in learning about this major ingredient is that we do not have to depend on rice to produce it or eat it to gain its beneficial effect. The studies conducted on animal models with type 1diabetes having two different blood sugar levels, wherein, they were fed with white, brown, or pre-germinated brown rice, revealed that resurrected ASG, the growth factor and lipid, enabled normalizing of metabolism.

Unlike in white rice, the less processed brown rice has some of the germ or growth structure which resumes activity after about 24 hours in water. When the blood sugar levels increases, the metabolic balance changes, and at such a time, the levels of good enzymes increase, so as to regulate the enzyme levels in diabetics.

The germ layer which gets activated by soaking the brown rice, are packed with vitamins and minerals, in addition to the bioactive ingredients which would be beneficial for all. Researchers say that even the roughage of the rice grain is also beneficial.

Experts are now working on a supplement that can come in handy to consumers who prefer not to soak or eat rice with benefits of ASG.

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