Ginseng – an effective remedy for Cancer, Diabetes

The herb, Ginseng, has been used by Chinese for centuries to ward off illness and remain healthy. In recent years, however, an increased use of Ginseng among Cancer patients is being seen, particularly by those diagnosed with breast cancer.

A recent research carried out at Vanderbilt University, Tennesee, in US has revealed the power of herb in fighting breast cancer with high success rate. About 1455 patients in Shanghai, who have been taking Ginseng, have been studied for 6 years and it was found that these patients were 30% less likely to die from Cancer, than the non-users. Women, in particular, reported better energy levels and sleep than those who never used Ginseng.

In yet another study carried out at St. Michaels Hospital, University of Toronto, it was found that American Ginseng, when taken before a meal, reduces blood sugar levels. The participants included those with Type 2 diabetes and the non-diabetic. They were given capsules containing three grams of ground American Ginseng 40 minutes prior to glucose test meal. These patients recorded a 20 percent reduction in their blood sugar levels, as compared to other group who took placebo capsules. Among the non-diabetics only those who took the capsules before meal witnessed a reduction in their sugar levels, which indicate that the timing of administration of capsules is also equally important.

Ginseng is basically a slow-growing perennial herb, the roots of which have been used in Chinese medications, for more than 2000 years. Ginseng can be found in red and white colors, each of which have different biological effect. While the white variety (unprocessed Ginseng) is widely used in promoting good health, longevity and vitality, the red variety (processed) is used for short periods for recovery from diseases.