Grape juice proven to be the best heart tonic

Beginning the day with a glass of grape juice, may be particularly good for the heart. Purple grape juice has proven effective in preventing heart attacks, angina and strokes, a research has revealed.

Drinking purple grape juice boosted the nightly dip in blood pressure, offering the heart and veins vital rest, revealed reports of 64 adults in the study.

Such a conclusion has been arrived at because, there already exists evidence that non-dippersĀ who do not experience it, are more prone to developing cardiovascular problem.

According to Dr.Joseph Vita and his team in Boston, US, the juice showed favourable effects on nocturnal blood pressure regulation in humans.

An earlier study had revealed that drinking eight to ten ounces of red grape juice a day has potent effect on blood cells called platelets, reducing the tendency to form clots, as clots can lead to heart attacks.

This study also revealed that red grape juice may be even more potent than aspirin, and is widely recommended as a way to prevent heart attacks. Even when one is actually suffering from a heart attack, grape juice treatment tones up the heart and is effective in cardiac pain and heart palpitation.

The researchers also compared the results of grape juice with orange and grapefruit juice, but, arrived at the conclusion that grape juice is the best heart tonic.

Grapes also have several other health benefits, unknown to many. The rich content of glucose in grapes makes it the most valuable fruit. Glucose is pre-digested food, absorbed in the body soon after consumption. It supplies heat and energy to the body within short time and is thus considered a magic fruit for re-energizing the body.

Grapes are rich in Iron, Copper, Manganese and Potassium, but low in sodium. Although grapes are high in acids, they have an alkaline effect on our body. The high potassium and low sodium chloride content makes it good for all kidney problems. Grapes act on the Kidneys and Liver and promote elimination of waste and toxin matters from the system. Moreover, the high iron content helps in improving anaemia too.

The excess alkalinity of grapes and raisins helps by dissolving uric acid and is considered good for arthritis and gout. It is also beneficial in cases of Asthma, Cancer and migraine, wherein the patient is put only on grape juice diet for days. The large sized seeded grapes, when dried, are also used in treatment of anaemia and constipation.