Green leafy Coriander is now Britain’s most popular & best selling herb

leaves of corianderThe green leafy coriander, which adds aroma to Asian dishes, has now become the undisputed King of kitchen, and has made its place firm as the best-selling herb in Briton, according to a recent survey.

The herb which is usually scattered on curries and soups, baked in breads, accounts for a quarter of all freshly sold herbs, despite being commercially grown in Britain only since the 1970s.

Basil holds the second place contributing to 19 percent sales, followed by parsely with 10 percent (both flat-leaved and curly varieties).

Fresh herbs, an organization which represents the British herb growers had compiled the top ten herb chart for the country.

According to a spokesman for Fresh herbs, the reason behind the popularity of coriander in Britain is the love that Britons have towards curry and Asian food.

“People have developed a taste for spicy aromatic dishes, and are now experimenting with various fresh herb varieties,” he adds.