Healing effects and benefits of yoga

Yoga is one among the ancient forms of healing therapy that is being practiced since age old times. Doctors of various yogic health care centers in the country have maintained records on how effectively patients with respiratory ailments, diabetes, obesity and other digestive complaints have been treated through practice of yoga. At present, it is an accepted fact that yoga has amazing healing and relaxation effects.

Though, through Yoga, the major emphasis is being laid on general well-being, it has been proved beneficial in improving various health conditions, though it is not a therapy for any particular illness. Instead, Yoga adopts a holistic approach that aims in building a new way of thinking, and lifestyle among people across the globe. In the process, it also brings about numerous healing effects. By practicing yoga regularly, apart from improving overall health, a person can find relief from fatigue and stress by simultaneously improving vitality, invigoration and premature ageing. It is considered as the best relaxation therapy ever. For instance, by regularly practicing Pranayama Therapy the body becomes healthy and strong while excess calories are reduced and the practitioner can attain an over-all young look.

Regular Yoga practice makes an individual clearer in his approach and way of thinking, gives a happier outlook, provides immunity against common headaches, colds, fever, constipation etc., in addition to maintaining a clear complexion, and remain young and fit.

Recent studies indicate that people who regularly practice yoga have reduced anxiety and stress levels, have low blood pressure, better functioning of the heart, better respiration and are more physically active. Yoga can improve the condition of patients suffering from depression, Asthma, bronchitis, cancer, obesity, indigestion, eyestrain, back ache and headaches. Scientists have recommended yoga as an alternative therapy for alcoholism, drug addiction, arthritis, coping with cancer, ulcers and heart diseases. It has been discovered that Yoga is excellent for people suffering from insomnia. It is said that one minute spent for yoga practice, is one minute less time needed to fall asleep. On the whole, yoga helps in building a positive frame of mind and positive approach towards life.

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