Herb seeds and its benefits

A few major herb seeds and their uses are mentioned in this article.

Ashwagandha Seeds (Withania Somnifera) “ is a tropical perennial but annual in the temperate zones. Ashwagandha is a good ayurvedic tonic for mental and physical exhaustion.

Basil Seeds (Ocimum sanctum) “ can be sown in spring or summer, either in greenhouse or directly. Basil seeds are antifungal, antibacterial, adaptogenic, aromatic and immune enhancing.

Black Cohosh Seeds (Cimifuga racemose) “ is a herbaceous perennial. Black Cohosh seeds are of good use in controlling menopausal symptoms.

Chamomile Seeds “ The chamomile German seeds are highly aromatic and gentle enough for sedation or for treating stomach ache. The Chamomile Roman Seeds are suitable for preparation of teas, and are self seeding and highly vigorous.

Dandelion Seeds (Taraxacum Offinalis) “ is herbaceous perennial which is a gentle diuretic and liver tonic.

Echinacea “ is herbaceous perennial, used for enhancing body immunity.

Evening Primrose Seeds (Oenethera biennis) “ is a self-seeding biennial. The seed requires sunlight for germinations. The herb seeds are used for relief from pre-menstrual syndrome by women.

Lavender Seeds (Lavandula angustifolia) “ is a woody perennial. The dry seeds are sown in outdoor nursery either during early spring or during fall. Lavender seeds are best used as essential oils.

Licorice Seeds (Glycyrrhiza glabra) “ is a perennial sown during early summer in the green house in warm soil. The herb seeds are a good-flavoured demulcent, expectorant, and used for treating gastric ulcer, adrenal exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Milk Thistle Seeds (Silybum Marianum) “ is an annual herb seed, direct seed during early spring or late summer and is easy for cultivation. The herb seed coat is rich in silymarin, which is a rare hepato-protective agent that is useful for the liver.

Nettle Seeds (Urtica dioica) “ is a perennial which can be sown indoors during early spring or late winter. The seeds are used for nutritive purposes and medicinal use.

Passionflower Seeds (Passiflora incarnate) “ is transplanted during early spring or fall. It is useful in treating nervousness or insomnia.

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