Herbal Aromatherapy

The essential oils and incenses that are basically used in Aromatherapy are made of herbs that possess various medical benefits. Aromatherapy herbs possess sedative, antiseptic and stimulant properties, and are known to strengthen the immune system. The aromatic herbs that are used for preparation of essential oils for aromatherapy are chosen carefully after thorough research. Herbal Aromatherapy involves the use of natural scents derived from different parts of plants like roots, leaves, flowers, seeds or stems for treating ailments.

Functions of herbs used for Herbal Aromatherapy

Such aromatic herbs which are used in herbal aromatherapy, function as purgers (which destroy the harmful substances in body), dispensers (that distributes the constituents which have remained stagnant in the body), consolidators (tighten the areas of weakness and act as astringent) and tonics (which enable the body to meet up the deficiencies).

Types of herbs used for Herbal Aromatherapy

A few herbs that are often used in herbal aromatherapy are:

Lavender “ is the multi-purpose flower herb, used as a natural remedy for insomnia, headaches or anxiety. It calms the senses and provides relaxation. It is also recommended for fungal infections, insect bites or sunburn.

Basil “ is considered an attractive plant, which adds to beauty of gardens and looks wonderful in hanging baskets and containers. It reduces headaches, migraines, and increases concentration. They can be added to the bath tub for relaxation and to the tea for digestion.

Tea Tree “ Teal tree oil helps in fighting burns, rashes, blisters, spots and helps in combating whooping cough, asthma, tuberculosis and is used in toothpastes, deodorants, spicy colognes, soaps etc.

Nettle– The leaves of this herbs possess therapeutic qualities and combat cancer, blood pressure, heart failure, muscle spasm, nasal allergies, diabetics, rheumatism, gout and Asthma.

Rosemary “ Rosemary is used for reducing circulatory disorders, muscle pains, depression, digestive problems, and for stimulating nervous system.

Dandelion “ is a common meadow herb whose roots and leaves are used in herbal aromatherapy for joint problems, kidney and gall bladder problems, as a blood purifier, and in treating, poor digestion, hepatitis, water retention, bee stings etc.

Most of such plants are used in aromatherapy herbal packs for relief from stiffness, pain and tension.