Herbal compound could probably prevent Prostate cancer

A Researcher at the Kentucky University has received a go-ahead to continue his investigation on an herbal compound, believed to possess anti-cancer mechanisms, which is being used in Indian medicine.

The Assistant Professor at the UK College of Health Sciences, Damodaran Chendil, has been granted $1.1 million for continuing investigation on the compound. Previously, Chendil had reported that Rasagenthi Lehyam(RL), a herbal formulation in Indian medicine is an effective treatment for prostate cancer, through experiments conducted in an animal model. Psoralidin, which is a potent compound of RL, is said to have proven anti-cancer effects in prostate cancer cells.  Psoralidin retards tumor survival and cancerous cell growth. Psoralidin, in the process of targeting cancer cells, does not cause any toxicity to otherwise normal prostate cells.

Currently, Chendil plans to study the process in which Psoralidin inhibits the growth of cancer cells and tumors. The results of the research could lead to discovery of new chemo-preventive strategies for prostate cancer cells.

Chendil states that as the treatment for cancer, otherwise involves expensive and physically intense drug therapy with severe side effects, scientists are now suggesting that cures for cancer and such other diseases could be found in nature itself, without much serious side effects. Chendil adds that he is excited about the potential of this herbal compound in combating the deadliest of cancers.

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