Herbal detoxification routine, as recommended by experts

Ayurveda considers toxins as one of the prime causes that lead to chronic diseases. Opting for a detox regime would help in releasing toxins from the system. A few ways by which one could clean and replenish the body system within a few months is mentioned here. However, pregnant or nursing women are advised to keep away from following such routines.

Liver is the only organ in the body that helps the body to remain free of toxins and helps in detoxification. Heavy metals such as aluminium, nickel, arsenic, lead and mercury, which enter human body through pollution, food products and medicines, are deposited in the liver, which slow down the ability of liver, thereby reducing the detoxification process.

For detoxifying Liver, Kidneys, blood and lymph: Derived from citrus fruits, Citrus Pectin interacts with blood and tissue cells, removing toxins, lowering cholesterol and improving immunity. Experts recommend 2 capsules on an empty stomach in the morning for a month.

Cleavers is another cleansing tonic that helps in blood purification and toxin elimination. Experts recommend 1ml after dinner every month.

Burdock helps in elimination of toxins, uric acid and excess fluid. Apart from purifying blood, it restores liver and gall bladder function. Experts recommend 1ml before breakfast and dinner for fifteen days.

A particular herbal formula, which is a combination of herbs such as Dandelion or Milk Thistle, helps stimulate liver and gall bladder functions, even further.  A Liver Support formula could be consumed for first half of the month on consultation with an expert, and Milk Thistle or Dandelion could be opted for the second half. Experts suggest 1ml prior to dinner and breakfast.

Organic Flax Seed Oil helps in better immunity, and removal of waste materials, as it has anti-inflammatory properties. 1tbsp is recommended with breakfast or lunch.

For cleansing the Colon: Wormwood and black Walnut are good cleansing tonics that eliminate toxins, parasites, worms and fungus, while also reducing colon inflammation and prevent further clogging. Experts recommend 1ml before dinner and breakfast for fifteen days.