Herbal Drinks for Rejuvenation

herbal drinksRejuvenating herbal drinks or juices helps in boosting immunity, slows down aging process and revitalizes the body organs. A few such rejuvenating drinks which can be easily prepared with ingredients available in ones kitchen pantry is given below.

Almonds (10 nos.) should be soaked with skin peeled for four to six hours a day in a cup of water or rice milk. This should be blend together for five minutes with cardamom, honey and ground pepper (black pepper).

Drinking a cup of warm milk to which a teaspoon of Ashwagandha is added, forms a rejuvenating drink for individuals with vata constitution. Similarly, Shatavari when added to warm milk, forms a good rejuvenating drink for people with pitta constitution and a teaspoon of Punarnava when added to warm water and consumed twice a day is found to be a good rejuvenator for people with kapha constitution.

A drink prepared by mixing triphala powder with water (should be kept aside for an hour) and adding a teaspoon of honey can be consumed regularly every morning.

A teaspoon of honey added to a glass of lukewarm water, forms a good rejuvenating drink.

A teaspoon of honey added to a glass of warm milk, can be given to children above five years of age for increasing body immunity.