Herbal Essences

The extract or derivative of a plant that contains its special chemical constituents or characteristics is known as “Herbal Essence”.

Herbal essences were profusely used by Ayurvedic Physicians for physical and mental therapies. As per Ayurvedic Pharmacology, the fundamental qualities of herbs and flowers provide for selection of accurate single or compound remedies that helps in bringing in harmony to each individual. The qualities include energetic potential, taste, post assimilation effect and a particular action.

Herbal Essences that are carefully formulated are used in Ayurveda to ward off infection, in purification of the environment and for stimulating Prana (the vital force). Such herbal essences effectively restore harmony to the psycho-physical constitution and helps in increasing the form of goodness or the Sattva.

Essential oils are also herbal essences and they were used by the Egyptians during 3,500BC. The ayurveda herbs used for preparation of essences were Spikenard, Citrus fruits, Oregano, Myrrh, Cedar, Frankincense, Styrax and Cedar which had immence therapeutic effects. Herbal essences are administered through fumigation and inhalation so that the therapeutic effects are easily obtained through the use of natural scents. Now Aromatherapy has become the choice for countless millions due to the targeted applications and the environment friendliness of such fragrances. Day to day use of natural Indian fragrances prevents diseases, increases mental clarity and promotes longevity.