Herbal Health

Herbs have been used for treating ailments from times immemorial. Even in age old days oils were used for treating ailments, which was probably an early version of Aromatherapy. In fact, about five thousand years ago, almost all medicines that individuals consumed were herbs. The main ingredient in Aspirin, Acetylsalicylic acid, is actually derived from the bark of Willow tree. Similarly Morphine, is an element of Opium plant, while Atrophine is derived from Belladonna leaves.

Herbalists today, are of the opinion that people can develop good health with natural sources. Herbs are considered as food, and not medicine, as they are complete and pure and are derived from nature. Herbs help the body to cleanse and purify on its own, unlike highly concentrated and chemically synthesized drugs that carry various side effects. Herbs actually realign the body defenses, and help the body to heal by itself, without much side effects. Though herbs do not help in instant miracle cures, they help the body in finding a way to remain in tune with nature.

People all over the world are continuing the use of herbs either as additional supplements or to treat illnesses, as they are safe and reliable with minimal or no side effects. Herbs heal naturally and holistically. Making an informed choice of natural herbs for enhancing health and curing diseases will enable us to see that herbal health is open to one and all.

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