Herbal is Gold when it comes to beauty

In todays world, people of all age groups, women in particular, are getting increasingly beauty conscious, a wide array of treatments ranging from allopathy to herbal, have made their way into personal care segment. Looking good has become more of a necessity in today’s globalized environment. Though, natural lotions and creams are temporarily good for the skin, for a permanent good looking skin, one may be required to work at it from inside out. This is possible only through Ayurveda, the 5000 year old holistic healing system in India.

Ayurveda believes that a well balanced diet, proper digestion and elimination of the toxins are vital for good skin. This, combined with ayurvedic beauty treatments will have a long lasting impact in maintaining a healthy skin, which is the most important aspect when it comes to beauty. Ayurveda, apart from offering holistic treatments for leucoderma and psoriasis, also offers rejuvenation therapies and anti-ageing treatments. For instance, the Rasayana Chikitsa, is an Ayurvedic beauty treatment, which is basically an anti-ageing treatment, that focuses on the internal causes of the skin disorders, like for example, hormonal imbalances which is the cause for skin rashes, are rectified through blood purification treatment. Even the Panchakarma actually consist of five methods of skin purification which includes intestine cleansing, purgation and the blood-letting processes.

Apart from treatments, the key to a glowing skin is the diet. According to ayurvedic principles of diet, one must find out the category under which their skin type belongs to; vata, pitta or kapha. Based on the skin category, certain suggestions are given for feeding essential nutrients to the particular skin type. Individuals with vata skin type, may need to include some healthy fats such as sesame or olive oil, in their diets to maintain natural luster of the skin. Pitta skin types are advised to stay away from spicy, hot and oily foods to avoid skin irritations, while the kapha skin types may be recommended to enhance their digestion by drinking limejuice to which a few drops of fresh ginger juice is added, before meals. Green leafy vegetables and carrots are ideal for all skin types. More such diet facts, including herbs and spices that can be incorporated into regular diet, can be recommended by Ayurvedic physicians, based on the skin type.

Ayurveda recommends drinking six to eight glasses of boiled water per day, which sometimes can be combined with suitable herbs to enhance benefits. Ice-cold drinks are not recommended as they curb the digestive fire leading to food indigestion. Vata skin types are recommended to drink warm water, while kapha skin types are advised to sip it hot, and pitta types are suggested to cool it to room temperature before drinking. Eight glasses of water are necessary to flush out the toxins, in the body. It can be combined with herbs for maximum benefits.