Herbal Oils

Herbal Oils or herbal oil extracts are made from traditional herbs and is used for treating skin conditions, revitalizing and nourishing the skin. Positive effects are achieved through the antioxidants, bio-stimulants and nutrients present in the herbs.

The herbal oils used in traditional herbal medicines are obtained through vegetable oil extraction. The herbal oil extracts are produced through repetitive extraction of raw herbs into vegetable oils in optimized conditions for preservation of herbal nutrients, stimulants and antioxidants. The process used is similar to alcohol extraction, but only vegetable oils are used in place of alcohol. Herbal oil extracts contain no artificial preservatives or additives or stabilizers. The color of herbal oil is due to the phytosterols, flavones and carotenes extracted from the herbs.

Herbal oils have been popular in medicinal, cosmetic and anti-aging care for years now. The main reason for this is the fact that the skin is able to directly absorb and assimilate certain nutrients. The roots and seeds of herbs provide various fat soluble antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for protection of the skin from environmental factors and that are necessary for self restorative functions.

Various herbal oils are used for various purposes as given below:

Regenerating and healing oils “ Aloe oil, St. Johns wort oil, Plaintain herb oil
Stimulating and tonic oils “ Calendula oil, Arnica oil, Elecampane oil
Nourishing and restorative oils “ Rose hips oil, Plaintain herb oil, Chickweed oil
Purifying oils “ Celandine oil, St.Johns wort oil, Aloe oil, Melissa oil
Scalp and hare care oils “ Nettle herb oil, Saw Palmetto oil, Burdock root oil