Herbal Rejuvenation Therapies and Benefits

There are various therapies and rejuvenation therapies offered at most Ayurvedic rejuvenation centers and Spas as packages. These packages are aimed to de-stress the body and mind, helps in cleansing and detoxification, anti-aging, provides deep relaxation and rejuvenations and meets individual health requirements. On undergoing these treatments, one returns feeling rejuvenated. A few such rejuvenation treatments that are being offered in various rejuvenation centers and their benefits are mentioned below.

Greeva Basti “ involves massaging the back of the neck by use of medicated herbal oil or herbal decoctions. This provides relief from chronic neck pain, cervical spondylosis and compression fractures.

Shiro Basti “ is the head bathing that is done for about an hour using medicated oils and specially designed apparatus. This relieves facial paralysis, anxiety, psychological and neurological disorders.

Hrid Basti “ this involves massaging the heart with certain herbal oils for a specified duration. This particularly strengthens the heart.

Janu Basti “ involves bathing the knee with medicated herbal oils / herbal decoctins. This provides relief from OSteo Arthritis and pain of knee joint.

Kati Basti “ involves bathing the lower back using warm herbal oils or decoctions. This relieves chronic backache, Lumbar Spondylosis, Sciatica, Osteoporosis, and prolapsed disc.