Herbal Remedies for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

A few natural remedies for heartburn and acid reflux are given below:

Herbal Tea “ Mix together equal proportions of Aniseed, Lavender and Peppermint. Boil about two and a half cups of distilled water and pour it over the herbal mixture. Allow the tea to sit for three to five minutes, strain the tea and add a little bit of honey, if required. Place it in a thermos and drink about 8 0z in the morning and evening for relief from Acid Reflux.

Aniseed is an effective herb which helps in digestion, and has lot of other positive effects on the body. Only ash-colored anise, or European anise or sweet anise should be used. Star anise and Caraway are not recommended.  Peppermint is another powerful herb for heartburn or stomach conditions. It helps in stomach cramps, digestion, ulcers and stomach distension and Lavender, known for its scent and healing activity reduces acids in the stomach and is an excellent stomach aid.

With age, the ability of the stomach in producing hydrochloric acid for digesting proteins also decreases. The undigested protein leads to heartburn and acid reflux. Digestive enzymes that contain pepsin, betain or HCL are required for digesting the protein.

Pappaya, which contains Pappain, is excellent for protein digestion and about 500mg of this can be used per meal. Even Pineapples reduces inflammation, aids digestion and heals wounds. A fresh pineapple juice has high level of enzymes that prevent acid reflux.

Chicory is obtained from bitter herbs that contain escarole and endive. About one and a half cups of chicory root can be boiled for about five to ten minutes. When this cools to room temperature, the tea can be consumed for relief from heartburn or acid reflux. These herbs can also be added to the regular salad.

Eating alkaline foods is suggested for prevention of heartburn or acid reflux. Also making salads a part of regular diet will lessen acid reflux formations.

Alternatively, drinking a glass of skimmed milk helps in relief from an occasional bout of heartburn. The milk proteins absorb excess acids. However, whole milk should be completely avoided, as fat triggers heartburn.

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