Herbs beneficial for digestive problems

Herbal remedies have helped in tackling digestive problems since ancient days. Herbs, stimulates digestion, expels flatulence, soothes pain and provides relaxation to the system on the whole. Most herbs used for culinary purposes, by themselves are effective in aiding digestion. 

Most digestive problems arise due to excess intake of heavy, spicy and oily foods. A few herbal remedies that come in handy at such times are mentioned here:

Aloe Vera: The crystalline part of the plant, being a strong laxative is used in cleaning the digestive system and the stomach, while also restoring intestinal problems such as gastritis and ulcers.

Cascara Sagrada: The dried bark of the shrub is used as a laxative for chronic constipation. However, it could cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea temporarily. It is available in the form of capsules and can also be used in the form of tea.

Anise: Is used as a diuretic and treats digestive problems and reduces flatulence, colic and bloating.

Catnip: Catnip apart from treating indigestion in adults is also used for treating diarrhea and colic in infants. However pregnant woman are advised against using this herb. It is available as capsules or can be used in the form of liquid or tea.

Dill:  Dill is beneficial in treating colic, indigestion and heartburn. It is an ingredient of gripe water and is given to babies to ease discomfort associated with colic. It is available in liquid, oil or dried form.

Peppermint: Eases abdominal pain and nausea associated with indigestion. However, individuals who are prone to allergies could manifest an allergic reaction. It can be consumed as a capsule, tea or liquid.

Antispasmodic herbs: A drink of a cup of tea made of any of the anti-spasmodic herbs, such as, valerian, skullcap, lemon balm, yarrow, wormwood, wild yam, lavender, chamomile, etc., will provide relief from intestinal cramps and relax muscle spasms.

Ginger: is a good digestive aid when it comes to relief from nausea associated with indigestion. Ginger has proven its digestive stimulant properties time and again, since ancient days.

Yellow dock roots: help in improving the conditions associated with a sluggish digestive system, and provides relief from constipation, and liver dysfunction.

Fennel: Works in the digestive tract and relieves bloating and gas.