Herbs for a healthy Liver

Liver, being one of the vital organs in the body, should remain healthy. A damaged liver is considered the root cause of various physical problems, and the functioning of the entire body gets toppled.

Any sort of chemical treatment, actually affects the Liver, whether it be prescription drugs, or synthetic hormone treatments or herbal treatments or even junk foods. The food consumed usually passes through the liver via the blood stream, leading to toxin accumulation in the Liver. When Liver gets overloaded with toxins, the energy levels gets affected, as it the Liver that controls the hormone levels in the body.

Of-course, the vital step to a healthy Live, is the diet. A diet high in fiber, low in refined sugar and saturated fats is the best for healthy functioning of the Liver. In addition, the following combinations of herbs are recommended for a healthy Liver.

Three capsules dandelion root, two capsules ginger, four capsules Milt thistle, two capsules Sarsaparilla, two capsules Nettle, two capsules Parsley, one capsule yellow dock and one capsule Kelp. These can be used twice a day.

During the day, a drink of tea for supporting a combination such as the following might help.

Mix together dried herbs of two parts Dandelion, One part each of Peppermint, ginger, rosemary and rose hips and store in a glass container in a cool place. Use a teaspoon of the herb combinations, steeped in hot water for ten minutes. Strain the herbs, add honey to taste and drink once a day continuously for a week.

After one week, while continuing to drink the tea, a combination of three capsules each of dandelion root and milk thistle, two capsules each of spirulina and ginger and one capsule of kelp can be taken.  After taking this combination twice a day for a week, again the regular treatment schedule can be continued along with the liver tonic tea.

The herb, Milk Thistle, in particular, supports normal liver functioning in a great way. It has been found beneficial in treating all kinds of liver diseases such as necroses, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and in recovering from liver damage due to alcohol or drugs. Milk Thistle, apart from inhibiting the factors responsible for liver damage, also stimulates production of new liver cells, and replaces damaged ones.

In addition to taking herbs, remaining on a healthy diet, contributes to a healthy Liver.


  1. I have cirrhosis of the liver your sight has been the most helpful I have started the milk thistle before I read this however I will make a trip to the health food store and get the remaining. Hope it is not to late.

    thank you

    wish me luck!

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  3. thank you for the mix recipe! i love ginger, i use it for a lot of anti inflammatory applications. and i’m glad to know i’m helping my liver too 🙂

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