Herbs found effective in retarding Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Researchers at the Kasetsart University have discovered that the active ingredients found in three local herbs could help in retarding the spread of the virus that causes the highly contagious foot and mouth disease (FMD).

The researchers mention that the findings reveal that Thai medicinal plants could prove to be a low-cost alternative viral inhibitors for the livestock agriculturists in Thailand.

FMD is an infectious viral disease that affects cloven-hoofed animals such swine, goats and cattle. This disease affects about 50,000 cattle each year in Thailand.

Ethy Alcohol was used for extraction of medicinal substances from about forty one plant varieties and they were tested in the lab against the FMD virus. The results of twenty three samples, revealed that presence of certain chemical properties against the virus.

The extracts from Aamaranthus Spinosis, Morinda Citrifolia and Morinda Elliptica were the most effective in their anti-viral activities.

However, the researchers are of the opinion that more investigation may be required for developing them for commercial use.

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