Herbs that prevent Insomnia

High levels of stress in todays fast paced lifestyles, leaves individuals helpless and weakens and exhausts them, leading to insomnia. Though the common cause for insomnia is stress, other factors such as drug intake, lack of nutrients, indigestion, excess consumption of beverages such as tea or coffee, pregnancy, late night parties, physical pain, hormonal imbalances could all contribute to insomnia.

A few herbs found to be effective for prevent insomnia, since ancient days are:

Camomile Tea, which is well known for its calming and sedative effects and promotes good sleep.

Valerianrelieves stress and anxiety and is an ideal tonic while recovering from most chronic illness.

Skull Cap “ is used as nerve tonic and helps in protecting and nourishing the nervous system.

Passion flower “ is a well-known tranquillizer.

Hops “ helps in reducing restlessness and irritability associated with insomnia.

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