Herbs that treat Acne

Acne is a common skin condition with occasional eruption of pimples or blackheads or pustules. Pimples often develop on the face, neck, chest or back. This happens when the toxins are not properly filtered out of the body. Other causes of acne include excessive intake of junk food, deficiency of water, vegetables and fruits intake, excessive intake of caffeine, chocolates, iodine-rich food, etc., use of steroids or birth control pills, excess weight gain. Use of herbs for treating acne is a natural, healthy way of treating the problem.

Among the herbs for treating acne, turmeric, basil and neem are well-known for their excellent benefits. Neem, which is also known as the wonder herb, is very effective in treating all diseases of the skin, including acne. It neutralizes excess sugar content in the body, which is the root cause of skin disorders.

Neem consists of Gedunin and Nimbidol which has remarkable fungicidal properties. The Neem leaves can be crushed and the paste can be applied on the acne for immediate improvement.

acne remedy herbsBasil (Tulsi) is good in treating skin disorders, is a blood purifier and also kills germs. As it takes care of all the causes that contribute to acne, it is considered good in treating acne.
is an ancient remedy for acne, skin infections, boils and other skin conditions. Regular use prevents formation of acne.

Sandalwood, apart from preventing acne, also imparts a smooth, lustrous and blemish free look to the skin.

Burdock root, is available in health food stores in Asian markets. It can be used in salads, vegetable dishes or consumed raw. Even burdock tincture is used as treatment for acne.

Red Clover tea can be consumed several times a day for prevention of acne.

Milk Thistle seeds can be powdered and added to granola, cereal or other foods. They can also be used as tincture.

Other herbs used in treatment of acne include Dandelion root tincture, Goldenseal (treats even the under-lying cause), Echinacea, Honeysuckle flower (Chinese herb) etc.

Face packs made by a combination of these herbs is a powerful acne home remedy, and can be used for treating acne and other skin disorders.