History of Yoga Postures

Yoga is all about postures. The postures of yoga have been evolved over thousands of years and there are numerous such postures. As India is the origin of Yoga, most of the postures were developed by ancient Indian sages and Indian Yogis. Various factors are to be kept in mind while performing yoga. A knowledge or awareness of ones body limitation is important while starting the practice and one must listen to his or her body.  In case, at any point of time, the body does not permit a particular posture, then the body should not be pushed for it. Yoga postures should be initially practiced only under guidance of an expert.

Yoga postures are extremely helpful in increasing flexibility, besides removing all energy blocks in the body. They also tone the body by removing excess flab, which is the main cause of diseases. Regular practice of yoga postures help in stimulation of internal organs of the body and helps in proper functioning of these organs. In addition to all this, they help in treating several disorders of the body from backaches to unrelated disorders like stammering.

Yoga postures can be made a part of routine life for a healthy body. Different postures are adopted for different purposes like for a specific ailment or better fitness. The right postures to be practiced to suit each individual can be decided on consulting a yoga expert.