Holistic lifestyle and diet for old age

As elders need warmth, love and affection, it is the duty of youngsters to set aside time for their aged parents or elders inspite of their busy schedule. Listening to the elders with patience, showering them with love and affection and assuring them of support when in need, relieves many psychological problems during old age.

DIET: A balanced diet is very essential during old age and plays an important role in alleviating diseases pertaining to diet imbalance. Increasing intake of vegetables, fruits, whole wheat, rice and milk and simultaneously reducing intake of oil, salt, egg and meat is the recommended diet during old age. Food should be taken in smaller portions, in fixed intervals to avoid problems related to digestion. Also it is recommended that elders should drink a minimum of three litres of water a day. Another essential requirement is including food items and supplements that contain more of anti-oxidants like Vitamin E, Vitamin C, beta-carotene and selenium. Green leafy vegetables, carrot, apple, gooseberry and orange are rich sources of antioxidants.

LIFESTYLE:  The Tridoshas in the body should be kept well balanced in order to remain healthy. Hence Ayurveda suggests a daily routine in accordance with laws of nature (prakruti) for remaining healthy as one gets older.

As the biological clocks of human body is tuned to sunrise and sunset, it is best to wake up at sunrise, and drink a glass of luke-warm water which helps in flushing out the toxins that gets accumulated in the body overnight. Dawn is considered the best time for elimination of physical waste in the body thereby removing the kapha which gets accumulated in the body overnight. Hence defecation once or twice a day is recommended. A thorough washing of the sense organs of the body in clean water is recommended. This should include brushing of teeth (after every meal), scraping toxins from the tongue surface, gargling with salt water to which turmeric is added for keeping gums, throat and mouth healthy. Hair and nails should be trimmed and kept clean, and clean clothes and accessories should be worn.

Exercises like yoga or aerobics or simple walking should definitely be incorporated into ones daily routine. This helps to increase immunity of the body, promotes blood circulation, burns calories and reduces stress. Also a herbal oil self massage helps in controlling vata, increases blood circulation and removes toxins from the body. Meditation is considered ideal for removing stress and disciplining the mind. It is essential to set aside a few minutes time for meditation everyday

Hence, through proper modifications in diet and good physical and mental regimens, age related problems can be coped to a great extent.