Holistic recommendations for body and mind revitalization

To look beautiful, one should feel beautiful from within. Here are a few sure-to-work distress treatments which are more like a luxurious spa experience, after which, one can emerge feeling totally revitalized.

mind revitalizationAn Aromatherapy massage is a gentle, nurturing treatment, which is done using pure essential plant and flower oils, while also rendering good physical and mental well being, and creating a deep sense of relaxation.

A traditional Thai massage, that combines gentle rhythmic compressions at targeted point pressure with assisted yoga postures and various stretching movements, will also help in revitalizing the body.

An Earth Stone Therapy, which is performed with stones of contrasting temperatures, is used for therapeutic purposes. The therapy makes use of heated stones and chilled marble rocks together with an oil massage.

Another holistic treatment that could be tried is reflexology. It uses acupressure point on the feet to help restore and maintain natural equilibrium in the body. It encourages the body to work naturally towards restoring its own healthy balance.

Ayurveda recommends Shirodhara treatment for revitalization, wherein luke warm herbal oil is poured on the forehead in an even manner, to pacify the mind and body. 

A salt scrub that contains natural sea salt, infused with pure essential oils of sandalwood, rose, and vetiver, helps by stimulating and strengthening the skin, while also calming the mind.

A honey and rose facial, with a blend of sandalwood and rose essential oils, too, can be quite refreshing and stimulating.

Finally, Hatha yoga postures, breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation are excellent tools to distress the body, and mind, due to their somato-psychic effects, while techniques such as Yoga Nidra helps in relaxing emotions and mind.

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