Home remedies for Snoring

The sound that occurs due to the vibration of soft palate, which relaxes when one sleeps is called snoring. Though snoring is not particularly harmful, except for the disturbance that it causes to the snorer and the people around, it could probably lead to serious sleep disorders like the Upper Respiratory Resistance Syndrome or Obstructive Sleep Apnea, wherein breathing could stop periodically while sleeping.

Certain conditions like swelling of throat and nasal passages, colds, sinus infections and lifestyle factors such as obesity, smoking and alcohol could trigger snoring. Children have the tendency to snore when they have enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Middle aged men are more prone to snoring than women. Couple of remedies for snoring-

  • Sleeping on the side, by tucking a pillow into the back helps prevent snoring.
  • Stick a nasal adhesive strip across the soft part of the nose, just above nostrils prior to bed time. The plastic bands that are embedded in the adhesive pad, helps in tightening and lifting the sides of nose, while also maintaining airflow while sleeping.
  • Pour three to four drops of warm Brahmi ghee or plain ghee into each nostril in the morning and prior to bed time.
  • If overweight, try to lose weight through regular walks or any such exercise, which helps an obese person to breathe easily.
    Take care to go to bed at a scheduled time every day to get adequate sleep.
  • Snorers should strictly avoid use of sleeping pills, sedative antihistamines or alcohol. Smoking should be strictly avoided, as it irritates the nasal and throat lining.

In case there is no relief from snoring by following any of the said methods, or if the pauses in breathing during sleep exceeds ten seconds, or in case the snorer feels more tired and irritable during the day, it is best to consult a physician and seek suggestions.


  1. my son has adenoids and doctor says the treatment is surgery .is there any ayurvedic or herbal medicine to cure it he is 5 years old

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