Home treatments for relief from Headache

There are several methods of treating headache without medication. However, how far they work can be revealed only on experimentation. Here are few effective and best remedies for relief from simple temporary headaches. However, if headaches last beyond a certain period, one should seek medical help rather than experimenting home remedies.

For migraine headaches, Aromatherapy has been found effective. Certain odours such as those of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint etc., relieves migraine headaches. Also using candles, soaps, oils and air fresheners made of these fragrances, help in relief from headache. Even external application of Lavender oil on the neck and head relieves migraine headaches.

Exercise is also a great way for relief from headaches caused due to stress. Exercising stimulates the body to produce more pain-reducing endorphins which will help in tackling mild headaches. However, exercises should not be over-done, as it could make the problem worse.

Massages, when done in combination with aromatherapy, are an effective way to reduce headaches. Peppermint or Lavender oil can be used for massages. A massage helps the body to relax. For migraine headaches, rotate fingers over the scalp if alone, or get a massage done beginning from shoulders and neck to the base of skull. A foot massage also helps in relief from migraines.

A cold or hot compress or an ice pack will also be effective for migraine headaches. While for some heat works best, for the other cold is best. There are plenty of herbs such as Feverfew that help in combating headaches. Eating an Apple with a little salt added to it on an empty stomach everyday is said to have beneficial effect in preventing headaches.

Headaches caused by exposure to sun for prolonged hours could be reduced by used of flowers of henna. The flowers could be rubbed in vinegar and applied all over the head for instant relief.  For headaches caused by cold winds, cinnamon, mixed with water can be made into a paste and applied all over the forehead.

In addition to such natural home remedies, sufficient rest in a dark, quiet room, with a cool compress on the forehead, and staying away from alcohol, smoking and illegal drugs are absolutely necessary for headache relief.

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