Honey, Silver, make way into commercial wound care market

honey-wound-care.jpgWith scores of honey cures that we have come across, and after having experienced its beneficial values, here’s more to it.

Major advancements are seen in biotechnology, biomaterials and tissue engineering today, which is generating growth in the worldwide wound care market with new products and devices entering the market every other day.

According to a new report by Kalorama Information, “World Wound Care Markets 2008 (Sales and Key Trends in the treatment of Burns, Skin Ulcers, Surgical and Trauma Wounds) which explains the latest developments, trends and challenges in the wound care field, some familiar and common substances, such as honey and silver, have powerful medicinal properties.

Although, using honey to treat wounds is not a new concept and has been an effective remedy for ages now, recently there is a lot of interest shown in commercializing its medicinal properties.

The positive effects of honey when aiding in the healing process are many, such as, reducing inflammation, pain and swelling, promoting shedding of dead tissue, quicker healing with minimal scarring, and being an anti-bacterial agent it is totally harmless to tissues, unlike other antiseptics.

The reason behind the wonderful therapeutic and antibacterial properties of honey is that, the hydrogen peroxide that it generates, stimulates the growth of new cells and blood vessels. Further, the anti-oxidants prevent formation of free radicals which may otherwise lead to inflammation.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are vital for the growth of new tissue, as any damage to the underlying circulation restricts the nutrients from reaching the wound. Now clinical trials have confirmed with rational explanations about the therapeutic efficacy of honey, and it is now making its entry in the mainstream medical field, explains the author of the report, Mary Anne Crandall.

“Few companies are successfully commercializing honey-based antibacterial gels and wound care dressings,” states Crandall.

Meanwhile, major wound care companies are producing innovative dressings that combine antimicrobial power of silver. Although, they make only a fraction of wound care sales, honey and sliver demonstrate the effort and skill of wound care makers.

“Better wound care, results in quicker recovery, shorter hospital stay and less pain. We continue to see a dynamic product pipeline,” Crandall concludes.