Honey treatment for Arthritis, Cholestrol and Infertility

The benefits of honey are tremendous. Honey can be mixed with a variety of herbs and spices in curing various ailments and is produced in most countries worldwide. Ayurveda has long been using honey in all its vital medicines for centuries. Today honey has been accepted universally as an effective medicine for all types of diseases. In addition, honey is considered a good beauty aid.

honey and ayurvedic remediesModern science, now believes that Honey, though sweet in taste, when consumed in right dosage in the form of medication, will not affect diabetics. Most serious ailments that can be cured by the use of honey in combination with other spices, herbs, home products are mentioned in this article.

Honey and lukewarm water can be taken in the ratio 1:1 to which a teaspoon of cinnamon powder can be added. This can be powdered and massaged on the affected part of the body. Arthritic patients can find relief within 15 minutes of massaging, in most cases.

Also drinking a cup of warm water to which honey and cinnamon powder is added helps in relieving symptoms of Arthritis regularly.

Researches indicate that Arthritic patients when treated with a mixture of honey and cinnamon regularly in the morning on empty stomach, there was significant relief in pain of the patients.

Honey and Cinnamon can be taken in the ratio of 2:3 tablespoons respectively and added to about 16 ounces of tea. On regular drinking of this mixture, patients with high cholesterol levels can find significant drop in their cholesterol levels.

Adding honey and cinnamon to warm water or when the mixture is taken early in the morning regularly, it helps in relieving symptoms.

Medical reports indicate that honey can even be consumed by adding to regular food for improvement in high cholesterol patients.

Ayurveda has been advising honey as a medication for men with problems of impotence and women with problems related to Infertility. A drink of warm milk to which honey is added is believed to increase sperm count considerably. Sexual virility is interlinked with three major body organs in men, and these organs utilize glucose and fructose for gaining energy. Honey, is the best source of these sugars.


  1. I used honey from blackcummin flower for three months continousily and found that my Cholestrol level came down to 148 from 200 and uric acid from 7.1 to 6.8. Thanks for this advice

  2. how the honey is helpful for women under infertility. you have given for men but not for women. please help me. thanks

  3. Please give information on how honey helps for female infertility. What should women who want to how children take.

  4. Great post, seems like the honey bee has a lot of clout. Now they are saying that in the United States, 46 million people are affected by arthritis.

  5. According to my Semen Test, My sperm count is 15 millions & active motility is 5 %. Please suggest me for the same & tell is there any side effects of having aurvedic medicine & tell me some natural things to eat for improvement for the problem given above.

  6. I doubt the statement that honey and cinnamon powder with tea can lower cholesterol. Is there any study available to prove it ?


  7. only garlic can improve cholrstrol levels by taking it raw early in the morning
    also take fenolip-145mg daily up to 3 months every thing gone allperfect try this

  8. also take honey and halfspoon cinnamon powder with water early morning it is
    highly beneficial
    eat more boiled gourd and take pineapple juice without filter after regular jogging it is highly miraclous u will thanks to me if u do this regularly
    for 3months
    for more help call me in india at +918053153127

  9. take regularly fenugreekseeds in powderd form
    it decreases ur triglycerride levels up to 2 months

  10. I am suffering high cholestrol problem how Ican get rid of it advice the treatment and how it works please discribe it details

  11. Even better than honey, propolis used ages ago by Greeks, Egyptians and others to treat different diseases and affections. Nowadays propolis continues to be a well known product in herbal supplements shops and part of many herbal remedies against different affections, it contains caffeic acid phenetil ester or CAPE, able to suppress cataract formation and a very effective anti-cancer agent.

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