India – a hot spot for Ayurvedic treatments by tourists

Ayurveda in IndiaThough tourism and ayurveda are not inter-linked, there are plenty of tourists traveling to India for treating ailments by way of ayurvedic medications and treatments. Kerala ayurveda, especially is considered to be the base for ayurvedic treatments and most star hotels claim that they get enquiries about the kind of ayurvedic facilities and treatments being offered while booking for rooms.

India which is already known for its rich spiritual, cultural heritage is now also being considered as a great destination for the health-conscious. There is a great shift through-out the world towards vegetarianism, yoga and natural healing therapies and a healthy life style. An American Journal says that this dramatic change could be due to the adverse side effects and escalating costs of allopathic medicines. Hence most star hotels and resorts in India are now including ayurvedic treatments in their package.

Kerala, popularly known as the Gods own country is also well known for its ayurvedic treatment and massages. There are plenty of spas, and other health centres providing ayurvedic treatments that are cropping up throughout India.  There is the story of a 71 year old botanist who traveled all the way from the U.S. to Kerala to undergo a treatment for swollen and painful knees. She says that she was nearly crippled when she approached the Narayana Ayurveda Chikistalaya in Kerala. She was given massages with herbal oils and complete bed rest with a simple diet. She was also given kashayam (the herbal concotion) and guggulu tablets. Though she has to continue the medications for another three years, she has reportedly found a considerable improvement in her condition and her life is returning back to normal.

But, the fact is that, the authenticity of the treatments should be checked because most tourists return from India under the impression that a massage with herbal oils is called Indian ayurveda treatment, while the fact is that it is only a part of entire treatment process. An improved diet, lifestyle and other herbal supplements by trained ayurvedic physicians are also of equal importance; else it could harm our reputation.