Indian Home Remedies

Home remedies are actually made at home, and hence turn out to be less expensive than other forms of medicine. Home remedies, being harmless in comparison to other forms of medicines, rarely cause side effects. Indian Ayurveda remedies have been used since ages by ancestors for curing common ailments.

At present natural cure is again gaining momentum, and people are heading for home remedies for many minor ailments. A natural home remedy is available for almost all ailments, in particular for common ailments such as cold, headache, vomiting, stomach upset etc., the options are plenty. Home remedies are done by making use of vegetables, herbs and fruits available in nature. A few such ancient Indian home remedies include:

Cold/Cough/Sorethroat “ Boil a few tulsi (Basil) leaves, to which a few crushed cloves, crushed ginger and black pepper corns are added till the color of the mixture appears dark brown. This can be sipped piping hot, by adding a little honey.

Stomach upset “ A pinch of turmeric and figs, added to boiling milk helps in relieving constipation. For immediate relief from stomach discomfort, drink a misture of oregano, cumin seeds and a little rock salt boiled in water, to which a few drops of lemon are added. Flea seed husk when added to yogurt and consumed is a good remedy for loose stools. Also banana which is not very ripe also helps in easing diarrhea.

Blood Pressure/Cholesterol/Diabetes “ Garlic is considered excellent for lowering acidity, cholesterol, high blood pressure and is also a blood purifier. Papaya, is yet another fruit, that helps in lowering cholesterol levels, when taken every day. Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and Bitter gourd helps in keeping tab of blood sugar. Also Indian Blackberry, is considered excellent for lowering blood sugar.

Beauty aids “ Mixing equal proportions of lemon juice, rose water and glycerine helps in maintaining the skin smooth and soft. A face pack made of sandalwood paste to which a pinch of turmeric powder and few drops of lime juice is considered excellent for skin. Similarly cucumber juice, tomato juice and orange peels help in acquiring a glowing healthy skin.

Rubbing lemon juice to the scalp after oiling the hair helps in strengthening hair roots, apart from getting rid of dandruff. Amla (Indian gooseberry) is excellent for hair. For preventing hair fall, boil 6 Amlas in a glass of milk, till soft and them mash into a pulp after removing the seeds and apply to hair roots.


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