Laughter Yoga makes its entry in the U.S.

It is said that laughter yoga, a new fitness fad, is a ˜social phenomenon which is now sweeping the United States of America.

laughter yogaThe sunny main beach at California these days, are filled with dozens of people who happily wave their hands in the air, laughing hysterically, and talking gibberish. Later they form circles, and begin chanting and clapping and finally resume the regular group stretches. This is nothing, but, the laughter yoga class. The instructors, who were basically trained in India, now teach the same to thousands of practitioners at California and other places in the U.S.

Briar, an instructor, who conducts classes at the Laguna Beach, when spoken to, mentioned that it is not necessary to feel good initially, to start laughing. Even those who are unhappy can just begin laughing, considering it to be no more than an exercise, and the feeling of happiness will soon follow. He added that laughter improves the breathing exercises in traditional yoga, and creates social interaction, which is otherwise not present in other styles of yoga.

While laughing in a group, even fake laughter becomes real, quite naturally. This is an accepted social phenomenon. Various other studies have also indicated that laughter on a daily basis, helps in lowering blood pressure, removes depression and improves the immune system.