Live life the organic way!!

Organic herbs are the herbs grown using organic farming practices. Organic farming does not include usage of any synthetic inputs like synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic farming is done through natural processes by enhancing the soil health though various methods, such as green manure, crop rotation, application of compost, cover cropping, and mulching. Organic farming also involves the use of fertilizers such as rock phosphate, greensand, seed meal etc.

organic herbsOrganic herb gardening is becoming increasingly popular these days, as they eliminate synthetic agricultural inputs, and promote the health of agro-ecosystem. Organic herbs are vegetables and plants that planted in a safe surrounding without any pesticide or chemicals. Organic herbs can very much be a part of everyone’s routine life. Various organic herbs promote various parts of the mind and body. For instance, a drink of Chamomile tea every evening will help in calming ones senses to sleep better.

Increased evidences indicating the damage of health through pesticides, herbicides and chemical based fertilizers has doubled the need for organic herbs and gardens. In addition to being harmful to health, these pesticides make their entry into food supply, harm the livestock, break in through water sources, deplete the soil, contaminate the food grown, and ruin the natural ecosystem.

In addition to this, non-organic foods contain chemical preservatives, artificial colorings, fillers, residual antibiotics, stabilizers, hydrogenated fats etc., none of which are found in organic foods.

As organic farming needs elimination of pesticides, herbicides, commercial fertilizers etc., this leads the whole community into a healthier living environment as well as spares the local wildlife.

By opting for organic farming, gardening and organic herbs, farmers also get to learn healthy farming practices. This enriches the soil every season, which in turn enhances nutrient value, and long term potency and yield of the crops. It makes way for a clean water supply, and provides overall richness in the well-being and health of the families of farmers.

Also organic herbs help in curing various illnesses, and in improving skin texture. On learning more about organic herbs, one can enter a naturally healthy and happy world.