Mahanarayana oil for pain relief

Ayurvedic treatment makes use of massage techniques with selective medicinal oils as treatment mode for various pains, particularly for joint pain. There are different types of ayurvedic massage oils used for healing various pains related to sprains, stress injury, bone dislocation, and arthritis.

Mahanarayana oil is a popular Ayurvedic vata massage oil, particularly beneficial for pain pertaining to bones and muscles. It offers flexibility to joints, and is used in treating arthritis pain, sprains and backaches. According to Ayurveda, the root cause of arthritis is poor digestion in the individual. A person with less digestion, will have excess ama (body waste), which in-turn gets accumulated in the joints, resulting in joint pain.

Apart from arthritic conditions, Mahanarayana oil is also used to treat other painful conditions. For instance, it is an excellent oil for athletes, as it improves flexibility and rejuvenates joints and muscles.

Mahanarayana oil is well-known for its analgesic qualities, apart from its anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory effects. Its muscle and nerve nourishing properties makes it effective for paralysis, facial palsy, wasting of muscles and spondylosis.

Mahanarayana oil is used in treating diabetes-related vata diseases, rheumatoid arthritis and is generally effective for all vata disorders. In Ayurveda, it is used in Panchakarma and Rejuvenation treatment sessions, and renders considerable healing when applied to specific joints by trained therapist during a massage session.

The oil is gently heated and used as external application on entire body or on the affected body part.

Major ingredients in Mahanarayana oil are: Cow milk, Black sesame oil, Wild asparagus, Giant potato, Brahmin ginseng, Vigna, Saffron crocus, Camphor, Indian ironwood, Bitumen, Rock salt, Cardamom, Licorice, Nutgrass, False daisy, Sweet flag, Flame of the forest, Ironwood, Elecampane, Indian cassia, Coleus and Turmeric.

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