Manduk Parni (Centella Asiatica)

Manduk Parni (Centella Asiatica) is an annual plant found in India and Sri Lanka and is useful in alleviation of kapha and vata doshas. All parts of Manuk Parni plant are of good medicinal value.

It is used as a body wrap to enhance blood circulation, improve memory (due to the presence of medhya herb), decrease the effect of kapha and vata and in improving digestion.

It is used in cure leprosy and other skin diseases and in treating epilepsy and convulsions. It prevents premature aging, is a powerful booster for the brain and improves memory. It supports overall mental development including comprehension.


  1. Chewing a leaf of Centalla Asiatica daily morning is very good for health.
    In Telugu we call this plant as Saraswathi Aaku

  2. Madukaparni or centella asiatica or Saraswati aku in(telugu) helps specially in overcoming from mild paralysis that occurs with the vocal cords, tounge and bellspalsy. It helped me to overcome from voice problem. A wonder Ayurvedic boon to the deprived.

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