Massage Therapy being increasingly used in American Hospitals

According to a national Survey conducted in the United States of America, more and more hospitals are including Massage Therapy as a part of their treatment programs. The use of massage therapy has been increased by more than one-third in the past two years. The Survey was conducted by a health forum, a subsidiary of the American Hospital Association on behalf of The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and other polls across the hospitals of United States.

Among the hospitals that included massage therapy as part of their programs, 71 percent said that they offered the massage therapy for stress management and comfort of patients, while a majority of others used it for pain management. While sixty seven percent depended on massages for stress management, about fifty-two percent provided massage for cancer patients.

According to the Survey, the hospitals use Massage Therapy as a part of pre-operative and post-operative care, for improving mobility, for pregnant women and infants, as a hospice or life care, for Edema or just as a part of physical therapy schedule.

The efficacy of Massage Therapy in alleviating major symptoms of various health conditions like for instance in reduce stroke and blood pressure, easing alcohol relapse, coping with post-operative pain, soothing chronic pain, and in boosting body immunity are few among such positive benefits.  Studies have also indicated that substantial relief can be obtained through massage therapy in cases of stress, nausea, depression, fatigue, and other symptoms associated with Cancer patients.

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