Meditation improves brain health within months, confirms new study

Although, there have been several studies in the past, linking meditation to brain health, a recent study has once again proven this fact.

The study, conducted by the Massachusetts General Hopital, Boston, revealed that meditating on a daily basis, can contribute to improvement in brain health, with the results beginning to show itself in a few months time.

The researchers followed the pattern on 16 participants, who undertook a mindfulness-based stress reduction, which included relaxation exercises, simple stretches, apart from meditation for about 30 minutes a day.

The MRI scan, taken eight weeks later, showed considerable gray matter density growth in areas of brain that involved learning and memory, sense of self and emotional regulation, and empathy and compassion, in comparison to the control group.

People have explicitly reported that they feel a lot better as they appear less stressed when they meditate.

A Psychology Instructor at Havard Medical School, Sara Lazar, said that this is sufficient proof that it is actually meditation that makes the difference and the reports reveal that participants who followed meditation practice also slept better, had less pain, less anxiety and depression, and better sense of well-being.