Milk and fruits helps ward off liver cancer

Research conducted at the National Tumor Institute at Aviano has revealed that diet of an individual is associated with liver cancer. Fruits and vegetables, in particular, have been proven to have a protective effect.

liver cancer treatmentsResearchers compared the studies of 185 liver cancer patients with 412 controls without cancer. The responses given by the participants when questioned about their diets revealed that with the increase in intake of various foods, the risk of liver cancer decreased. On taking certain other factors also into consideration, the researchers discovered that high intake of yoghurt and milk, reduced the risk associated with liver cancer by 78 percent. They also discovered that high consumption of fruits lowered the risk of cancer by 52 percent, white meat consumption reduced risk by 56 percent, and vegetables also had a considerable protective effect.

On the whole, the researchers concluded that adopting a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables wards off liver cancer.