Milk Thistle may prove effective in type 2 diabetics

Studies reveal that a particular herbal therapy, which has been used for years now, may help in controlling blood sugar levels among type 2 diabetics.

milk thistle herbA flowering herb, Milk Thistle, also called Silymarin (a mixture of herbs active components), is a very popular alternative therapy in treating liver problems such as chronic hepatitis, gallbladder problems and cirrhosis.

Now a team of researchers in Irans Institute of Medicinal Plants in Tehran have revealed that their work shows that Silymarin could play an active role in treating Type 2 diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is usually associated to being obese or overweight, and inability to regulate sugar or glucose levels in the body.

The researchers compared the effects of Silymarin daily supplements containing active constituents called ╦ťflavolignans that provide protection against liver poisoning, against a placebo among 51 diabetics.

About half the patients were given 200mgms of Silymarin thrice a day for four months, or a dummy pill along with conventional treatments.

Their findings were reported in Journal Phytotherapy Research, which revealed that patients in the herbal group, had significant reductions in blood glucose levels, compared to their earlier readings.

As their readings were quite encouraging, researchers have now decided to hold a larger multi-center studies.