Music helps stroke patients regain clarity of vision

There is no-doubt that music is magical. This has been proven once again, as listening to their favorite numbers helped in restoring vision among stroke patients who suffered impaired vision, according to a new research.

About 60 percent stroke patients suffer loss of vision, caused by damage to areas affecting the brain that connects vision, attention and action.

Researchers from Imperial College in London, University of Birmingham and other institutions, suggest that listening to their favorite music may help stroke patients with impaired visual awareness, to re-gain their vision.

Researchers examined three patients who had lost awareness of half of their vision, due to stroke. The patients were asked to perform tasks under three conditions “ when listening to their preferred music, listening to music they did not like, and in silence.

All three patients were able to identify colored shapes and lights more accurately when they were listening to their preferred music, than when were listening to music which they did not like or when in silence.

According to researchers the positive signs in these patients were the result of patients experiencing positive emotions when listening to the music they preferred. This may be because positive emotions send across efficient signals to the brain. This may improve the awareness of patients by giving the brain more resources to process the stimuli.

Even the functional MRI scans performed on patients when listening to music revealed that pleasant music activated the brain in areas linked to positive emotional responses to stimuli. During such a process of activation, the activation in certain regions in the brain helped in improvement of patients awareness of the visual world.