Music Therapy

It is said that listening to a relaxing music is the best way to beat stress. It is not necessary to listen to a particular relaxation music that doesnt suit ones taste. Any sort of music therapy, that makes one feel comfortable can be very relaxing to the mind and body. Music is considered to bring about a positive change on the moods of an individual by working on various levels at a time.

As suggested by experts, the rhythm of the music induces a calming effect on the mind, though the person may not be actually aware of it. The moment a person hears a tune, he tends to take a deep breath which accelerates the production of serotonin in the body and increases body temperature while reducing heart rates which by itself is an indication of relaxation. Studies have revealed that playing music on the background while working has been found helpful in stress reduction. During dental procedures and such other painful procedures in clinics, playing music was found to reduce pains associated with it.

To maximize the effect of music therapy, one can try to combat stress by taking a good 20 minutes bath by playing a relaxing music either through speakers or by wearing a headphone. The music chosen can preferably be a melodious one and should have a cyclic pattern which is effective in quite a few people. Allow the music to wash over the stress of the day by simultaneously concentrating on deep rhythmic breathing. If a person wishes to have stimulating effect after a days hard work, go in for a fast paced music. Playing a childhood favorite music or any other music that one is familiar with when depressed, will breed calmness of mind. Studies have also revealed that playing music on the walkman while walking or exercising by combining the walk, imagery and music, is a good relaxation technique.

Music improves health, happiness, peace and concentration. But the method and duration of administering Music Therapy is important. This can be achieved only through systematic experiments and by experience. Medicine and modern science are now realizing the healing effect of music, and Music Therapy (wherein music is used in treating patients with particular needs in physical and mental health) is gaining more importance. Music Therapy is now a conventional form of cure in the West.