Natural and time-tested ways to soothe stress

Although the Beta-blockers help by ˜blocking some of the effects of adrenaline that surges through the body during stressful situations, natural calming methods helps in dealing stress in a more effective manner in the long-run, as they help you tide through movements of higher-anxiety easily.

Go herbal

Passion Flower: Passion Flower (passiflora incarnata) is an effective herbal relaxation aid, with no side effects, but gives results equivalent to the effectiveness of the anxiety-relieving drug ˜oxazepam. Researchers at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran have confirmed this fact. This is available in the form of capsule or tincture in health food stores.

Chamomile: A time-honoured relaxer is a strong cup of Chamomile tea. But, care should be taken to ensure that tea bags are fragrant and maintains freshness and potency. The tea should be allowed to steep in for ten minutes in a covered container, before consumption.

Deep breathing

Passion Flower, oxazepamThe 4-7-8 breathing method is a simple way to evoke the natural relaxation response of the body. This could be done a couple of times while under stress. Sit in a straight posture. Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge of tissue behind the upper front teeth. Exhale through your mouth and around the tongue, keeping lips slightly pursed. Empty your lungs making a whooshing sound. Inhale through the nose by closing your mouth and hold on until a count of 4. Hold on your breath until a count of 7. Then blow out through the mouth, making a whooshing sound until a mental count of 8. Repeat the cycle three times.


There has been a growing body of evidence that suggest prayer could indeed play a major role in healing. Several studies have linked religious and spiritual practice to stronger immunity, lower blood pressure, reduced depression and longevity. A study has even revealed that praying on behalf of others (intercessory prayer) helped heart patients who were prayed for, by others, for 4 weeks, and they had 11% fewer complications than their peers.

Although, several other studies claim that praying for others does not have an effect on healing, it has been evident that prayer improves wellness in many ways. In the first place, religious practices decrease unhealthy behavior such as alcohol abuse, and helps people cope with stress in a better manner.

Finally, health is not ˜only about eating right, or hitting the treadmill; it is a state of well-being that includes mental and physical aspects. If you are not happy and calm from within, you cannot be healthy.