Natural approach for Arthritis treatment

These days natural approach for treating conditions like Arthritis by way of Ayurveda remedies is gaining popularity. Herbs form the base for quite a few traditional medicines. However, the efficacy and safety of certain herbs are yet to be researched.

Herbal remedy for Arthritis is one that is plant-based, and which has proven to provide relief from pain or inflammation associated with Arthritis by users. A few such herbs that are typically used in treating Arthritis include Alfalfa, Black Cohosh, Boswellia, Celery, Chapparal, Devils claw, Epsom Salt, Gingeng, Hawthorn, Licorice, Oregano, Mustard Plaster, Pineapple, Red pepper, Prickly ash, Rosemary, Sesame seeds, turmeric, Wild cucmber bark, Wild yam, Wintergreen, Yucca.

Alfalfa “ is a folk cure for Arthitis. Alfalfa tea is rich in nutritive minerals. However, it should be taken only in the form of tea and not as a powder. Place one ounce of Alfala in a pot. Cover it with a quart of water, and boil it for thirty minutes. Strain and drink the solution throughout the day. Continue this for about two to three weeks, and give a break of about a week, and then start again.

Black Cohosh “ The root of Black Cohosh has been used for Arthritis treatment in the US and in India. Five species in the genre of Black Cohosh have been used for treating Rheumatism. It contains aspirin-like substances which are antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory in nature. One tsp. of Black Cohosh root can be simmered in a cup of boiling water for twenty minutes. Strain and drink the tea twice a day. Continue for three weeks, give a break of one week, and then continue again.

Celery Seeds “ The remedy of eating cooked or raw Celery seeds or making use of the plant for treating Rheumatism still persists in North American professional herbalism. Different parts of the plant contain more than 25 anti-inflammatory compounds. Celery is also a rich source of minerals. Take one teaspoon of celery seeds in a cup filled with boiling water. Cover and let it sit for fifteen minutes. Strain and drink thrice a day during an Arthritis attack.

Ginger “ Studies conducted have revealed that individuals with Arthritis, who were administered three to seven grams of ginger per day showed remarkable relief from the swelling and pain associated with Arthritis. Even when consumed for years together, there were no side effects reported. Ginger tea and a ginger compress are recommended for Arthritis.